The Teams

A huge thank you to all of the participating teams (not all are pictured below)!  To donate to a specific team directly, please click their photo and you will be redirected to the donation page.  

C3 Division

Winston Knolls Knights

 The Winston Knolls School seal and logo symbolizes our vision of individual achievement, independence and learning.  We provide school-based services to children (ages 3-21) diagnosed with autism spectrum and related disorders such as emotional / behavioral disorders, developmental disabilities and other health impairments. We believe every student should be given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. 

Waukegan Fire

Waukegan Fire Hockey team was recently formed two years ago. It turns out the hard physical work, and team dynamics of hockey parallel the demands of the fire service very well. In addition to enjoying the additional team building, our team also enjoys the ability to raise funds for local charities, while enjoying the great sport of hockey.

Alexander Leigh Center for Autism

We are team Alexander Leigh Center for Autism.  ALCA is a therapeutic day school in McHenry, IL, McHenry County.  We play as ALCA to bring awareness of ALCA and what they do for children in McHenry County.  Why did we choose to be team ALCA?  One of our players is the head teacher at ALCA, her love, devotion and enthusiasm for the school and the children is just amazing.  Just listening to her speak of the school she teaches at  and her students,  seeing the smile on her face and sparkle in her eyes is just amazing.  How could we not show our love and support for ALCA and people with Autism?  We play for Autism Awareness, fun, and family being able to play together. 

SouthSide Stars

 We’re a fun loving team from the South Side of Chicago that cares more about teamwork and laughter than winning games.  We wanted to participate in a hockey tournament together and are excited to participate in our first Pucks for Autism tournament because many of us love someone with Autism.  We’re looking forward to a fun weekend of hockey, togetherness and raising money for a great cause! 

Puzzle Masters


C2 Division

Chicago Chiefs

Chicago Chiefs are your typical beer league team and have been around for close to 30 years.  

Team Blue

We are a team made up of a women's team that plays in the WCHL (Women's Central Hockey League)  and a few guys that used to play old mans hockey together.


 Cobra started more than 15 years ago.  Of the original members, there are only 2 of us left.  We recently won our first state (Illinois) championship.  Looking forward to our upcoming tournament.   

Baltimore Chiefs

C1 Division


Boozers Hockey Team plays in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We play in The Kenosha Adult Hockey League out of The Kenosha Ice Rink. Boozers Hockey is a bunch of guys still playing for the love of the game!

District 5


We are just a bunch of locals put together for this tournament. We are Military, Fire Dept. and local professionals coming together to have fun and help out a great cause! 

Don Cherrypickers

Light the Lamp Brewery

B Division

Team Conquest

 Team Conquest has been together for the last 12 years with various team members ranging from age 18 to 57. The name originated from an RV that was brought to games, and we tailgated around it after every game when we first started playing together. There are 7-8 original members still. Our goalie's 29 year old son, William, is intellectually disabled and is our inspiration for playing in the tournament. William was effected by lead at the age of 2. William is our team DJ and plays music before and during games, including different horns after goals are scored. He cheers us on and give pre-game speeches and hands out the 3 stars of the game after every game.  

Team Show MI

We are Team Show MI out of Grand Rapids, MI. Our team is comprised of mostly players from Michigan with players from Florida taking part as well. Team Show MI is mostly made up of former and current college hockey players and includes one current and former pro hockey player.  We are excited to be apart of this great event and can’t wait to play! 


After a long season of coaching this event is a great reason to get together as coaches and play the game we so passionately coach.